Waterford with Kenda Firkins and Eitan Beth-Halachmy in his new gear!  Photo by Maria Marriot.

Waterford , Cowboy Dressage, 2019

A new career for us "seniors" in Cowboy Dressage. Sound, healthy and still quite a handsome fellow!  Waterford competing in his western garb at Cowboy Dressage shows.  His solid training and background in dressage is helping show people that any horse can benefit from correct dressage and can keep our equine partners healthy and sound.  He recently had his 23rd birthday and we celebrated at a show in Rancho Murietta with a super ride in Test 6 with a score of 78.75%!  (Was highest score of the show.)  This discipline is gaining many followers from the western group who want to learn and apply the principles to their western horses.  Can only be good for the horse!
Click on each image for the full picture.  Photos by Maria Marriot Photography.